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Even on home improvements?
Published on April 10, 2008 By Question of the Day In Marriage

My husband and I spent the morning replacing a piece of T-11 siding on the side of the garage.  It had a cutout it in for the window, a top drip plate to be worked under and a side tongue and groove joint to be fit together, with the piece we were putting up needing to go underneah this as well.  There was existing siding on both sides.  It was quite a job to get it jamed in, but jam we did.  And I must say, we jam really well together.

Some of my most favorite times with my husband is when we are working on projects together.  A few years ago we even built a pretty extensive handicap ramp on a friends house - just the two of us.  It some strange way it makes me feel closer to him.

I know some couples only end up fighting - thats the way it was with me and my ex-husband.  Ending up with hurt feelings all around and nothing accomplished. 

So what say you JU?  Work together well?  Fight well?  Or prefer to call in a contractor?

on Apr 11, 2008

For the most part yes.  But not always. 

We worked together in business for about 15 years and then went into ministry together.  We had our moments but for the most part we did work well together.  Sometimes we'd argue usually over stupid stuff.  Most of the time it's coming from me.   Sometimes we'd go thru the silent treatment stage but usually nothing lasted longer than a few hour or a day.  Most people look at us as a couple that works very well together so I guess that's what mostly comes across and I'd agree with that. 

I just wouldn't hang wallpaper with him.  It's not pretty. 


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